The Joy of The Gospel

All Age Service

Go and find someone and tell them about the best thing that happened to you in last two weeks.

Do you know what Gospel means? Good News!

The adults are looking at a series called The Joy of the Gospel. Well, our good news is a story that brings joy, a story about Jesus who loves us and who brings deep security, joy and peace into our lives.

If you have good news you do naturally like to tell it to people who you think will want to know it. 

So, we’re left with a challenge of telling those we believe will want to know about it.

There are two things I like about a ball.

1) It doesn't have an end. Look at this rope. It has two ends. There is a beginning and an end. Can you see an end on the ball?  It just keeps on going and going and going. There is no end and that is just like God's love for us. He loves us and always will love us. There is no end. It just keeps going and going and going.

2) You can share a ball. With a ball you don't just keep it to yourself, you find someone and share it.

That’s a bit like God! God shares his love with everyone and we are supposed to share God's love with everyone we know.

The next time you see a ball, you can remember that a ball is like God. The ball doesn't have an end and neither does God's love for us. And the ball is something to share just like God's love for us.We share it with everyone. 

Let me tell you why Jesus’ story is good news to me. Simply, there is so much bad news in the world today that Jesus’ story brings hope in the world.

That’s basically it!

I guess the bigger thing for me is that as I read the bible, especially stuff to do with The Holy Spirit, that echoes my experience of Christian belief.

Also, more for the adults, have you heard of Postmodernism?

(wiki definition: According to postmodern philosophy, society is in a state of constant change. There is no absolute version of reality, no absolute truths. Postmodern religion strengthens the perspective of the individual and weakens the strength of institutions and religions that deal with objective realities. Postmodern religion considers that there are no universal religious truths or laws, rather, reality is shaped by social, historical and cultural contexts according to the individual, place and or time.)

Well, I’ve spent a lot of time looking at Bible in view of lots of its claims and I find that Bible story stands up in the face of it!

What about you?

What is it about Jesus that excites you?

To get in a place to tell your story to others takes time. We have to be welcoming to people coming in to our building.

Have to be!

Its about showing mercy.

Yet, as well as being a welcoming church it needs to be challenging too!

It needs to get people thinking. If the welcome is right and the challenge is there, then what we say to people about what we believe, what we say about Jesus, will be listened to. Our challenge to follow Jesus will push people to respond.

That is our challenge!

Of course, there are many ways to telling others about Jesus and that may even include words.

Practical help; Campaigning issues. (Justice and Mercy), Telling people about Jesus.

I wonder what you may be involved with that helps this all to happen?

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Webpage icon The Joy of The Gospel
Webpage icon The Joy of the Gospel
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